Work with your friends at top companies

Teemo enables job-seekers to form teams with friends or peers to join top companies and startups.

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Team Recruitment, Not Job Recruitment

How it Works

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    Create a team profile

    Your team profile tells companies the story of your team and lets you apply to any job you're interested in. 

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    Invite your teammates

    Invite your teammates that you are thinking of starting the next chapter of your life with. You can invite teammates to join the platform, or invite those already on Teemo.

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    Start receiving offers

    Companies that are looking to onboard several positions will start reaching out to you and your team.

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Rethinking the Job Search

Why Teemo?

  • Increase chance of employment

    Companies that are recruiting to fill positions now have another point of validation, especially if you have worked together successfully with your teammates before.

  • On the Job Community

    Employees with friends in the company report being happier and more productive at work, which ultimately leads to promotion and future success.

  • Stress-free search

    What can you say, searching for jobs with a friend is just... well.. fun. Get a job with less anxiety and make your search a more fun experience.

Teemo Changes Lives

  • 50%+

    of employees are disengaged at work

  • 42%

    of job-seekers change jobs for better work environment

  • 49%

    of employees feel they are losing sense of self-identity

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It is a great feeling to know that there is some one who has your back no matter what, and who can relate to you in so many ways. I'm so happy to have joined this company with such a great friend and work mate.

Nazim A.

Software Engineer

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